Nuttnest Is Making Customer Service Easy & Fast For Contractors

Nuttnest is a mobile app that's radically transforming the customer experience and communication for your contracting, building, or home service business.

We want to invite you to be one of the first to be in the know about Nuttnest, the platform that will become your one-stop shop to EXCELLENT customer service.

Solid workmanship is key to customer satisfaction, but so is customer experience. The pressure of keeping track of both can be overwhelming and at times exhausting for a construction business. So eventually, it can even result in delays, mistakes on projects, and upset customers.

Nuttnest is changing the bad communication and lack of transparency in the construction industry.

Nuttnest  gives contractors and their customers a singular point of communication. access to projects, and peace of mind to choose the right service provider for the job. In turn, this creates fewer communication problems between contractors and customers. Generating happy customers who recommend you to others will lead to more customers and lower stress on each project, increasing bottom-line profits for the contractors we help.

Nuttnest is transforming customer service within the construction industry.

Nuttnest will act like air traffic control for contractors and guide all communications to the right person every time.

As a contractor, you don’t have to worry about the ball being dropped because of missed messages or calls. Eliminating the stumbling to do follow up, remembering to pass on a sticky note to someone, or just forgetting from being busy.

About the co-founder

Our Co-Founder, Ron Nussbaum, wants to personally tell you how this platform will innovate your business as you know it.

He is a dynamic, results-oriented leader and Sales & Operations Expert who strives for the best outcome, staff, and the best performance necessary to achieve objectives. He has run and managed several different companies, including his own.

Being in this industry for so many years, Ron understands the difficulties that come with being a contractor. His experience in the construction industry and track record of success has helped to build Nuttnest into the ultimate one-stop platform for contractors and their customers.

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