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What is Nuttnest?

Nuttnest is an online portal and mobile app that helps contractors give their clients access to projects, communication, and the peace of mind they need. This improves the client experience and creates fewer communication gaps, which leads to more pleased clients who recommend you to others.

30% of clients are frustrated with their contractors due to poor communication.

Based on statistics from

Communicate with clients in one place

Poor communication leads to delays and mistakes. Nuttnest gives you one place to message your clients so you can discuss projects in an organized fashion. You can even add your business directory, which acts like air traffic control and guides all communications to the right person every time.

Close more sales with in-app proposals

Repeat business is the lifeblood of any successful contracting business. Nuttnest’s in-app project planner lets you send proposals and estimates in real-time to clients who are already raving fans.

Show, don't tell

Clients love nothing more than to see progress updates. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or a new wing on their house, you can now send pictures and messages keeping your clients in the loop.

Here’s how it works

Nuttnest is managed by you through a web-based contractor portal. Once you load your team, clients, and projects, you can manage all of your client relationships in one place. No more text threads, lost phone calls, or endless voicemails.

Step 1

Create a Nuttnest account for your contracting business

Step 2

Add your team members, clients, and active projects

Step 3

Invite your customers to download Nuttnest on the App Store

Step 4

Chat with and support your customers in real time and in one place!

Designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind.

Nuttnest was designed by  a veteran of the construction industry with one thing in mind: making the job of running your business easier. That’s why we’ve included everything you’ll need to sleep easier at night and provide your clients with an exceptional project experience.

Send clients instant notifications when there's a project update. Have a question? Get an answer fast.

Add your entire team to the platform to reduce client response time and close more deals.

Make it easy for clients to get in touch with you without blowing up your phone.

The Man Behind Nuttnest

Ron Nussbaum is the mind behind, and a co-founder of, Nuttnest. He has years of experience in the construction industry and created Nuttnest in order to solve a challenge he encountered throughout his career: creating an exceptional client experience from end to end.



Ron understands the difficulties that come with being a contractor. His experience in the construction industry and track record of success has helped to build Nuttnest into the ultimate one-stop platform for contractors and their customers.

Create Your Account

Nuttnest is in its early stages of launch, which means we are making it available to you for a limited-time price. 

Basic Plan

5 Active Projects
$ 97 Per Month
  • Chat Live With Clients
  • Create & Manage Projects
  • Manage Proposals & Requests
  • Add Your Entire Team
  • Up To 5 Active Projects

Unlimited Plan

Unlimited Active Projects
$ 197 Per Month
  • Chat Live With Clients
  • Create & Manage Projects
  • Manage Proposals & Requests
  • Add Your Entire Team
  • Unlimited Active Projects

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Until now, typical “client portal” software has been clunky. Nothing on the market has satisfied clients to the point of being happy when a project is completed. Nuttnest is able to actually follow a project’s progress with pictures, project detail reports, and contact directories that serve as air traffic control for the contractor’s phone system.

Nuttnest offers two subscription plans: Basic and Unlimited. Our Basic plan gives you access to our full suite of app features for up to five active projects at a time. Our Unlimited plan gives you the same access to our full feature list, but with the ability to have an unlimited number of active projects.

An Active Project is a project that is in process with your company, which means you can communicate with clients, post updates, and manage the project from your dashboard.

Yes. The Nuttnest client app is available on the Apple and Google app stores as a free download. Once you’ve invited a client to a Nuttnest project, they’ll be able to log in with a free client account to access their project.

Once your account is created, you’ll be able to invite your entire team into the Nuttnest dashboard. From there, they can help manage your projects, communicate with clients, and post updates.

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